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Tax Penalties and Settlements

It's no big revelation that the IRS can be very strict when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes, but what many people are not fully aware of are their options for life-changing tax relief. For example, if your tax liability far exceeds your ability to pay it, you may be eligible for tax settlements like an offer in compromise, installment agreements, or IRS debt forgiveness. If the government has imposed tax penalties on you or your business, an experienced tax attorney, CPA, or enrolled agent can often help you get those burdensome penalties lifted. Whether you're looking for help with tax abatement or an IRS settlement, our firm can provide you with the tax assistance you need. Serving Orlando and other areas in central Florida, Taxation Solutions, Inc. offers the expertise and negotiating skills to reach a compromise agreement on your behalf with the IRS. Call or e-mail us today for more information. We offer a free phone consultation to new clients. If you're seeking effective help in removing income tax penalties, securing tax settlements, and negotiating installment agreements, we're the local tax resolution company to call!

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax ReturnsOur tax abatement services can help relieve you of several financial and legal burdens. If you're behind in your federal tax payments, you could be subject to all kinds of government actions, including property liens, bank levies, and wage garnishment. These tax penalties can make it even harder to pay off your tax debt and regain your financial footing. Trying to counteract a tax penalty on your own can be a frustrating battle—one you might not have the energy, time, or knowledge to wage successfully. The good news is that there's help available right here in the Orlando area. Call our team of experienced tax resolution consultants to discover the options available to you for tax debt reduction, penalty abatement, and negotiated settlements with the IRS. If you're struggling against things like wage garnishment, liens, or escalating tax penalties, we can help you secure an IRS settlement or offer in compromise. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Taxation Solutions, Inc. brings you over 40 years of combined experience in resolving a variety of tax problems that plague individuals, businesses, and the self-employed. We're a locally owned and operated company that specializes in tax debt reduction, helping people overcome federal tax penalties, and obtaining tax settlements for clients. Whether your problem involves a tax penalty for underpayment or a wage garnishment that's sapping your income and causing you financial hardship, help is available from Taxation Solutions, Inc. Call us now to get the process underway!

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