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Tax Breaks Can Aid in Natural Disaster Recovery

Taxpayers who have suffered losses as a result of a natural disaster may be able to repair their finances by filing casualty losses.

Set Up an Installment Agreement to Pay Off Tax Debt

If you have outstanding tax debt that is more than you can pay right now, consider setting up an installment agreement with the IRS.

The Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Did you know that owning a home could bring you lots of great tax benefits?

Collecting Information for Qualified Dependents

To make the tax filing process go smoothly, collect information about your qualified dependents in advance!

What Is Estimated Tax and Do I Have to Pay It?

If you don't have an employer withholding taxes from your paycheck, you are still responsible for making quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS on your own.

Will New Tax Deduction Rules Affect You in 2018?

How will recent changes regarding deductions affect your tax situation and financial planning this year?

Valuing Your Donation for Charitable Deductions

You can take deductions for non-cash charitable donations, but it's important that you value these items accurately.

Know Your Options If You Can't Pay Your Entire Tax Balance

If you can't pay your entire tax bill on time, the IRS has a few payment options available to you!

Do You Travel While Doing Charity Work? You Could Qualify for Tax Breaks!

If you travel while performing charity work, you could be eligible for tax breaks!

To Itemize or Not to Itemize, That Is the Question

Here's a stress-free way to determine whether you should take the standard deduction or itemize!

How to Stop Wage Garnishment

You can put an end to your wage levy. Read on to find out how!

Follow These IRS Guidelines for Employer Record Keeping

Make sure you maintain these employment records to avoid fines and even possible prison time!

"Constructive Receipt" and Your Tax Return

Make sure that your income is reported in the correct tax year!

Don't Make This Common Mistake When Dealing With the IRS

It's easy to assume the IRS is right when it says you made a mistake on your tax return, but that isn't always the case!

Tax Deductions for Firefighters and Police Officers

Don't forget to claim these occupational deductions on your tax return.

What Forms Need to Be Filed After the Death of a Taxpayer?

After the death of a taxpayer, the IRS may require certain tax forms be filed.

Does Your Home Sale Qualify for a Reduced Exclusion?

Even if you don't qualify for the maximum exclusion, you don't necessarily have to pay tax on 100% of the profit from your home sale!

Should You Pay Estimated Taxes After the Due Date?

Make missed estimated tax payments ASAP to reduce any potential penalties you'll face.

A New Year Calls for a New Tax Planning Resolution

Start the new tax year off right by planning ahead!

Tax Information for Veterans

Thank you for your service!

Tax Penalties Will Apply If You File or Pay Late

The IRS punishes delinquency, but the penalties aren’t the same for every tax problem.

Donating a Vehicle to Charity Can Benefit Your Tax Return

The IRS has many rules and regulations surrounding vehicle donations.

Charitable Donations Can Lower Your Tax Liability

Giving money, goods, or time can help you during tax season.

Are You Eligible to Take Tax Deductions Based on Your Occupation?

Occupational deductions can lower your tax liability.

Face-to-Face Audits Versus Correspondence Audits

You're more likely to get called for a face-to-face audit in certain scenarios.

When Can the Government Seize Your Assets to Cover a Tax Debt?

A tax levy is the IRS's last resort to collect on your debt.

Buying Your First Home? Here are Some Tax Considerations

Home ownership isn't cheap, but you can reap some tax benefits.

If You're Behind on Tax Return Filing, It's Time to Catch Up

It's important to file your tax returns on time, if possible, and to file late tax returns as soon as you can.

Are You Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

This tax settlement can make a real difference in your financial life—but it's not easy to obtain.

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment and Regain Full Use of Your Paycheck

If wage garnishment is causing you financial hardship, help is just a phone call away.

Avoid Payroll Tax Problems With Tax Help From Our Pros

Don't get stuck with sticky payroll tax penalties!

Your Golden Years Can Be Brighter With the Right Financial Options

Low on needed retirement funds? A reverse mortgage or viatical settlement could be the answer.

Tax Liens Are No Laughing Matter

Don't ignore a tax lien. Take action to get rid of that lien before it becomes a tax levy!

How Innocent Spouse Relief Can Protect You From a Spouse's Wrongdoing

You don't have to be held responsible for your spouse's tax penalties.

How Does the Recent Health Care Legislation Affect Your Tax Return?

We can help you determine how federal legislation impacts you.

Avoid Penalties for Underpayment by Paying Estimated Tax

We can help you calculate your estimated taxes and resolve tax penalties.

How to Respond When You've Received an IRS Audit Notice

We have the experience and expertise to give you superior tax audit help.

Living Under the Shadow of a Tax Lien? We Can Help

Tax liens and levies can cause major financial problems for you, but our pros can help you get solid solutions.

When Do You Need to Amend Your Tax Return?

Amending a tax return is simple when you have our professionals helping you tackle each task.

When Paying for College, You Have a Lot to Learn About Tax Options

Learn your tax options as they relate to paying for college.

Planning for Retirement Means Getting Your IRAs in Order

Make sure you’re putting your retirement funds into tax-effective IRAs.

Get the Business Tax Help You Need in Kissimmee This Tax Season

We've solved tax problems for companies throughout the local area. Now, it's your turn.

We Provide Expert Tax Resolution Services in Apopka

If you're facing tax problems, our pros can help get them resolved in no time flat!

Call Us Today for Help Navigating a Tax Audit in Altamonte Springs

You don't have to face an audit by IRS authorities alone!